BLOG POST (Module 11): KEATON BLOVAD, Depictions of Native Americans in “The Simpsons”

Both Collins and Hebblethwaite both discuss the stereotypes that are created by non-indigenous Americans which misrepresent Native Americans. False portrayal of Native Americans is common through television representation. In this video clip from The Simpsons, Homer Simpson imitates an Indian Chief while Bart Simpson and his friends follow his lead in portraying Native Americans. This... Continue Reading →

Nakamura and Scalzi’s description of a straight white male and the changing of their sexual orientation

After hearing about the widespread support for Bruce Jenner’s revealment of their’s change in sexual identification, my initial reaction was a mixture of surprise and appreciation – surprise for the unexpectedness and appreciation for how well the media reacted to announcement. A series of photos of tweets supporting Caitlyn Jenner can be found below.  ... Continue Reading →

BLOG POST (Module 11): YUMI HOSODA, Hash Tag in the Black Twitter was generated from Typo.

#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies #CivilRightsTwitter #Charleston #CelebritiesOnlyBclack PeopleKnow #OscarsSoWhite #GrowingUpBlacks #BlackGirlsMagic #ConcernedStudend1950 There are enormous hastags in the "Black Twitter" and those hashtags have a wide range of topics. And then, I would like to focus on the #NiggerNavy. This hastag was generated form the tweet on the account of Yahoo Finace. Yahoo was going to post about th president-elect Donald Trump ironically,... Continue Reading →

BLOG POST (Module 10): COURTNEY MYKKANEN Alexis Ren Performing on Social Media

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Bare skin- limited clothing   Alexis Ren is an Instagram-famous model with nearly ten million followers. To put this in perspective, that is more than Kobe Bryant and many other famous celebrities, Olympians etc. She has built up her profile for many years constantly posting and keeping her followers engaged.... Continue Reading →

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